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10 Beaches to Visit in Laguna Beach

The Laguna Beach area is full of beaches to visit. In fact,Laguna Beach is home to over 20 different beaches and coves that are all beautiful. Whether you’re just looking to sunbathe or surf, Laguna Beach has a beach or cove for you. While we’d love to tell you about every single beach found in the Laguna Beach area, we are going to tone it down and tell you about our 10 favorite beaches in the area.

So get your swimsuit and surf board ready for a day at the beach.

10 Beaches to Visit in Laguna Beach

Crescent Bay Beach

Crescent Bay Beach is the northernmost beach in Laguna Beach. It’s a quarter-mile of beautiful sand and perfect for swimmers and surfers alike. Crescent Bay Beach also has a beautiful park that overlooks the beach.

Diver’s Cove Beach

As the name suggests, Diver’s Cove Beach is where many divers can enter the water. One of the reasons we like Diver’s Cove Beach is the crowds. There is a lack of crowds at this beach, so if you’re looking for a bit of privacy to spread out and sunbathe, this spot is for you.

Picnic Beach

Picnic Beach may not be the best spot for surfers or skim boarding, but there is much more here to experience. Divers love the area due to the offshore findings, and with many tide pools, Picnic Beach is a great spot for studying marine life.

Rockpile Beach

While the name was given to this beach due to the rock formations, surfers will love the waves at Rockpile Beach. Though, if you’re looking for a place to swim, sunbathe or body board, this beach is not the spot for you. Still, the tide pools are great to check out during low tide.

Woods Cove Beach

Woods Cove Beach is great to visit, but beware of high-tide. This beach is great for families and surfers. Surrounded by rocks, the sense of seclusion is peaceful.

Photo Credit: William McIntosh

Photo Credit: William McIntosh

Shaw’s Cove Beach

Shaw’s Cove is not only a great beach for swimmers, but for anglers as well. Here, you can send your lines out into the water and get some great catches.

Oak Street Beach

Oak Street Beach is less of a swimmers or surfers beach and more of a sightseeing spot. A small park at the top of the beach makes for some great views and awesome picture spots.

Brooks Street Beach

Brooks Street Beach is for the surfers. More so for the experienced surfers. There are great waves to catch here, but the rocks make it a bit dangerous, if you’re an experienced surfer this spot is for you.

Cress Street Beach

Cress Street Beach is for the snorkelers and divers who are looking for a great scene. Others may find this beach useless,the views are not above the water but below.

Main Beach

Finally, the main attraction. Main Beach is where you’ll find great sand, great views and a boardwalk for a great stroll. There are basketball and volleyball courts as well a play structures for kids. Surfing is not allowed during the summer months here, but that’s part of what makes this beach perfect for families.

These beaches and so much more are great reasons to live in the area. We are here to help with that move and can be contacted below. We love the area not just for the beaches, but for the homes as well. We know you’ll love them as well.

Contact us to buy or sell your Laguna Beach dream home in Orange County!

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