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5 Things to Know About Living in Dana Point

Things to Know About Dana Point Featured

Dana Point is a city in Southern Orange County rich with history. Dana Point started out as a harbor town that was popular amongst travelers due to the reputation that was given by Author Richard Henry Dana. In his book, Two Years Before The Mast, Dana described the area as “the only romantic spot on the coast”. Today, there are many different things to know about Dana Point that make it very attractive like its beaches, harbor, and the Headlands. 

Discover the many different things to know about Dana Point that make it one of the best places to live.

Dana Point has so much to offer all who visit or live in the area on a daily basis thanks to the people, nature, and art.


The Harbor

Dana Point Harbor is a very popular mooring and slip spot in Orange County. There are currently 2,500 mooring and slip opportunities in Dana Point Harbor. There are many attractions along the harbor like shopping, bicycling, parasailing, and more.

Doheny State Park

When it comes to parks and beaches in California, there are plenty of contenders for the best. Luckily for residents and visitors of Dana Point, Doheny State Park has been recognized as the best beach facility in California. The park has 62 acres of activities and watersports available for everyone.

Artistic City

Trying to stand out in the world of art, in Southern California could be difficult. However, Dana Point is starting to be recognized for the art community. The natural beauty of the area, alongside some of the best weather in SoCal make for an artist’s dream. Currently, there are even plans to bring the art outside in Downtown Dana Point in the very near future.

Dana Point Salt Creek Beach

Photo Credit: Dana Point

Active Lifestyle

The same aspects of the city that make it a great place to be an artist also make it an ideal location for nature to thrive. The nature that surrounds the area has become a very popular attraction, even for the residents of the area. 

Tourists Paradise

There are over 1,900 hotel rooms available to the public. Visitors to the inhabitants of the area and just tourists, in general, take advantage of the many different resorts and hotels along the coast. Those same resorts and hotels offer great dining experiences, spas, and shopping for all who wish to enjoy.

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