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7 Things to Know About Living in Irvine

Living in Irvine Near Nature and More

Living in Irvine California means living in a global community with a focus on family, friends and education. Irvine is a city that was designed to bring together people from all over the world. Separated into villages, each village has its own architectural queues from other countries and styles. That way, everyone’s personality can be shown not only in their home but outside as well. Irvine is also known as the safest city in the world, making it a great place to live for people with many different lifestyles. 

There is so much more to know about living in Irvine California that make it a top contender of places to live.

Living in Irvine is more than just living in a beautiful Southern California community. It's living in a safe community with hiking nearby, gourmet foods available, and education from kindergarten to college degrees.

Safest City to Live

Irvine has been dubbed the safest city in the world with over 100,000 citizens. The year 2015, marked the 11th year running that Irvine has been awarded as the safest city in the world. Since then, crime has even further been lowered and shows no sign of stopping.

Your Style can Be Found

William Pereira, the designer of Irvine, spilt Irvine into villages. These villages come with a distinct style of architecture. If you’re looking for a Bungalow Craftsman style or Spanish style, you can find them here. Each village has a different architecture style and there are 46 different villages in Irvine.

Living in Irvine Global Village Festival

Photo Credit: Irvine

Global Villages

The inspiration for each architectural village in Irvine come from all different parts of the world. Keeping that in mind, Irvine started the Irvine Global Village Festival. The festival is held every October and gives people a chance to try foods, music, performances and more from different cultures.

Not Too Far From Nature

If you find that you need an escape from the city life, you can head over to the San Joaquin Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary. Here, you can enjoy 300 acres of wildlife-filled wetlands. You can enjoy a hike, go bird spotting or just take in the sights and sounds of over 100 species of birdlife.

Cuisines and Causes

Irvine is home to many different types of cuisines , from the perfectly paired sorts at the Bacchus Bar and Bistro, to the dish that serves more than food. Andrei’s Conscious Cuisine and Cocktails is where 100 percent of the money you spend goes to Andrei’s Foundation. The Andrei Foundation is dedicated to eye research and support for the blind. Irvine is on it’s way to becoming the foodie capital of the world with all of the options.

Living in Irvine History

Photo Credit: Irvine

Traffic Conditions

Irvine is home to one of the most advanced traffic control systems in the country. Using cameras and sensors under the ground, Irvine traffic Research and Control Center can better monitor conditions all over the city. The goal? To not just use one pattern when it comes to the time of day. Instead, traffic lights and meters adjust frequencies based on actual conditions during any given time. Meaning, you will never sit too long at a light or meter.

The Importance to Imagination in Children

It’s important to play pretend when we’re children, it’s also important sometimes to do the same as adults. Pretend City Children’s Museum is the perfect place to let your child’s imagination run wild as they run a little pretend city.

Irvine is a city in Southern California where you can feel safe, learn, play, eat, and help causes. It is a part of Southern California where you can enjoy the weather and the community. While there are plenty of places to live in So Cal like Ladera Ranch or Rancho Mission Viejo, Irvine may be among the best.

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