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Why Sell your Home with Sandi Clark and Debbie Miller

For Sale  

Putting your home on the market isn’t as easy as posting a sign in the yard and hoping someone bites. To sell a home one needs to have a level of dedication and passion that can be transferred to potential buyers. Sandi Clark and Debbie Miller at First Team Real Estate exhibit those qualities and more. Having and Sandi and Debbie as your Orange County real estate agents will make the entire selling process a breeze.

Sandi Clark and Debbie Miller make up the team you need to sell your Orange County home and continue life as you’ve planned.

First Impressions

Part of what Sandi and Debbie do to make sure your home sells is the first impression. When potential buyers come to an open house their first impression of the home is what will stick. Many things need to be done to prepare, and Sandi and Debbie are there throughout the entire process. Not only will you get tips to make your home look it’s best but you will get the help you need to complete them. While Sandi and Debbie are part of First Team Rela Estate, the most important team-up will be with you, the seller.


Another way Sandi and Debbie get a home sold is through competition and relationships. By using the relationships built over the course of years with other agents, a competitive environment is created. Every open house hosted at your home welcomes many people to come and check out your home. When the number of visitors in the span of a few hours is high, you get a sense of urgency. That urgency breeds competition and is one of the best ways to get multiple offers. The key to this tool is the relationship built between Sandi and Debbie and other agents.

The Last Deal

While relationships, urgency, appearances and multiple offers will all help sell your home, it’s the last deal that matters most. Sandi and Debbie will never finalize a deal without your approval. To help you understand, Sandi and Debbie will walk you through the deal. The goal is to accept not only a deal you’re comfortable with but an agreement that helps cover selling costs. This is done by selling your home for the above-asking price, and Sandi and Debbie have done this on a regular basis.

Sandi and Debbie not only work in Orange County but live here as well. That means not only are they your real estate agents in Orange County, but they’re also your neighbors. As neighbors, Sandi and Debbie aim to ensure you’re happy with your sale and moving onto the future with high hopes and the tools needed to get there safely.

Sandi and Debbie OC Real Estate Team Photo

Property Map

Past Sales by Sandi Clark and Debbie Miller

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