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Spring Cleaning Checklist for the Home

Spring Cleaning Checklist Featured

Spring cleaning has long been a task that everyone does to get a fresh start for summer. This is the perfect time to spruce up not only the inside of your home but the outside as well. The weather makes it a perfect time for painting or gutter work, a deep cleaning of the garage or some fresh new landscaping. The goal is to take advantage of the lack of rain and snow and just get your home looking great. In order to make things easier, you can use a spring cleaning checklist to make sure you get to everything.

As you clean and spruce things up, you can check things off your spring cleaning checklist and enjoy the sense of accomplishment.

There are a few things you'll need to pull off a great spring cleaning and a spring cleaning checklist is one of them. Will power and energy not included, though the end results may be enough to motivate you properly.

Dust Light Fixtures

Dust all light fixtures, both inside and outside your home and maybe switch out old bulbs with LEDs if you can.

Wash Walls and Trims

Make sure you wash the walls and trims both inside and outside your house and be careful to use the right cleaning supplies to do so.

Sweep and Mop

Not everyone will like this, but it’s time to deep clean your flooring by sweeping, scrubbing, and cleaning the carpets.

Reseal Grout

While you’re down there scrubbing the floors, make note of any grout that can be refilled and refill them where needed.


Wash all of the textiles in your home, bedding, cushion covers, mattress pads etc.

Spring Cleaning Checklist Time

Wash Knobs

Wash all doors and knobs, even if you think they don’t need to be washed, you can even shine them where applicable.

Stove & Oven

Deep clean your stove and oven, making sure they look as new as possible.


Take out all of the food, and clean the shelving, door shelves and drawers. Be sure to toss old food as you put everything back.


Clean the windows as you would normally, but also get the trims, jams, slides, and screens where possible.


Wipe down, dust and shine all furniture where applicable and be sure to vacuum out couches etc.

Spring Cleaning Checklist Books


Dust all electronics and organize the wires before tucking them out of site.


Ok, so you don’t have to put all of your movies and books in order from A to Z, but organize them somehow.


Clean all toys with the proper cleaning products if you have them or just wipe down with warm water and clean out any form of storage you use for them.


Empty out cabinets and wash down the shelving, knobs, and doors.


Clean or replace your welcome mat and any sort of runner you may use.

Spring Cleaning Checklist Decor


Before you start using fans to keep cool, wash them down, each individual blade should be cleaned.


The weather makes for the perfect time to paint walls and accents both inside and outside your home.


Sort through your family photos and organize them.

The Garage

Clean out the garage and attic, organizing as you go.


Clean out all appliances including washing machines, dryers, toasters, blenders etc. Be sure to get to the tough spots as best you can.

Spring Cleaning Checklist Flowers


If you still have wood burning fireplaces, clean out the chimney and actual fireplace.


Shine silverware, glass tops, faucets etc. just be sure to use the proper cleaning supplies depending on the metal.


There are some homes that wax floors and tubs and now is the perfect time to do so.


Wipe down mirrors as normal, but also get the frames and behind them if possible.


Wash ceilings and dust for cobwebs hidden in the corners.

If you complete this spring cleaning checklist then your home is set and you can focus on enjoying the beautiful weather that spring and summer offer!

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