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Smart Apps For Around The House

Technology has invaded the home making almost everything easier. While there are smart appliances, thermostats, televisions and more, making those big adjustments could be overwhelming. It’s easier to start small, utilizing apps to help keep you organized is a great place to start.

Smart apps for around the house can remind, find and analyze your home.

Smart Apps Smarter Home


One of the most important parts to keeping a home running properly is paying the bills. The problem is our busy lives sometimes get in the way of staying on time. Billminder is an app that will remind you when and where to pay your bills. Now you can work and play without having to worry about when to pay the bills.


The very same busy lifestyle that can lead to forgotten bills can also lead to forgotten home maintenance. Every season brings with it upgrades and repairs that might need to be done to our homes. HomeSavvy is the app that will turn these home fixes into calendar events, that way you never forget to get them done. These maintenance tasks will come with reminders and notifications to keep your home safe and prepared for the changes in the weather.

WiFi Analyzer

One of the new issues we have been seeing more of is where in the house is the best WiFi connection. WiFi Analyzer helps show you where the dead spots are in your own home. This way you can place your router in the best location or get extenders and place them strategically to get coverage in every room. Another feature of this app tells you which WiFi channels are currently clogged. This will help you switch channels on your devices giving you the best connection.

Smart Apps on Your Mobile Device

My Home ScrAPPbook

We all hope that we never need to make an insurance claim due to an accident in our home. Flooding, fires and earthquakes could cause damage to just about anything. Which is why it’s a great idea to get prepared just in case we need help. My Home ScrAPPbook does just that. This app allows you to take pictures of the big ticket items in your home and even apply a barcode to them. If you have them insured, this app will let you easily file a claim and help you get back on your feet.


Decorating your home could be pricey but there are ways to make it cheap and easy. Pinterest has been around for a long time, which makes its database that much better. You can find cheap and easy ways to decorate, fix and organize. As well as so many other things for around your home.


Moving into a new home is exciting, but if it’s a new area you can end up with plenty of questions. Where is the nearest grocery store, school, restaurants, banks, hospitals, anything.. AroundMe can show you where everything is around your new home. Navigating the unfamiliar streets surrounding your new home is easier than ever.

These apps are just a few of the many out there to help you adjust to the age of the smart home. Once you’ve grown comfortable here, it will be time to upgrade to smart ranges, refrigerators, and thermostats.

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